About me


My name is Jacob Levinrad and I'm an 18 year old high school dropout. I left high school at 16 to start making money. I slowly (but surely) learnt ecommerce and built out a few stores. Now I run my own successful Ecommerce Dropshipping stores and I'm helping others do the same. Throughout the years of being in this industry and making money from it, I started to think, there are people out there who have no idea about Ecommerce and how to get into it correctly. So I started to figure out how I can get people into this the RIGHT WAY. I didn't want people failing, or not having the tools to succeed. So I built out my program and many students success stories later here I am, 1000+ students strong. I plan to continue to help people get into this at an affordable price and create content.

If you have any questions, or want to contact me. Feel free to DM me on Instagram @jacoblevinrad

Jacob Levinrad

Inexpensive To Get Started
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